Portmeirion Ltd. brings an informed, robust perspective to public policy analysis, energized by our proximity to some of the most important and timely urban and health policy issues.  And Portmeirion has a unique advantage in looking at the numbers, since we, unlike most public policy “shops”, have substantial experience in private-sector economic analysis.  Analytics behind commericial business consulting projects have historically seen their quality bars set substantially higher, based on the reality that commercial enterprises (unlike governments) can go out-of-business if the numbers are wrong.  We at Portmeirion are proud of the rigor and discipline we’ve developed in our commercial analytics, and have been delighted to bring this skill-set into the public sector.  On issues from transportation to urban development to eldercare, Portmeirion’s analytical insights are deep, clear, often unique and always exceptionally well-founded.

Portmeirion’s public policy analysis has focused on two core areas:  urban planning and eldercare/”aging-in-place”.  Please click on the buttons below for more detail on each of these competencies:


Urban Planning Policy


Eldercare Policy