Portmeirion Ltd. has prepared a number of public policy analyses for neighborhood associations of the City of Boston.  On issues from parking & transportation to development & liquor licensing, Portmeirion analysis has supported resident associations and others advocating for excellent downtown quality-of-life.  We are proud of the pro-bono work we have done in support of the City’s residents, and we’re pleased to have been effective in helping Boston City Hall hear its downtown residents.  One veteran City Councilor termed our impactful work a “bunker busting bomb” – we consider that high praise indeed.

Examples of recent work include analysis of Boston’s liquor licenses, including where these licenses are, how many total seats are covered, what the closing hours are, and what restrictions are on the licenses.  Arraying these licenses against Boston maps and population information, we were able to show the disproportionate concentration of liquor licenses in certain high-density residential neighborhoods, including Boston’s historic North End.  After this analysis was published, several proposed expansions of liquor licenses into high-density neighborhoods were denied by Boston’s liquor licensing board, representing a large reversal from just six months prior when licenses were granted into these neighborhoods at an alarming rate.

Example: Liquor Licensing Perspective


Portmeirion was also asked to analyze recent project data generated by the Boston Planning and Development Agency (formerly called the Boston Redevelopment Authority or BRA).  This agency was lobbying the City Council for a lengthy extension of extraordinary powers (the so-called Urban Renewal powers) within neighborhoods which had been “renewed” long ago.  Our analysis showed that most of Boston’s development was occurring well outside the historical Urban Renewal neighborhoods.  We also were able to demonstrate the disproportionate “hit” some neighborhoods would take were these powers renewed for the timeframe requested.  Our analysis helped the City Council abridge the extension and place some firm new guidelines on the Urban Renewal process.

Example: Urban Renewal Perspective