Portmeirion Ltd. has deep expertise in mapping data sets of all sizes, realtime or static, allowing quick and valuable insights into trends and behaviors as well as stronger support for critical strategic decisions.  We have used our data-mapping expertise to help clients analyze their own data, as well as package their data for display to their customers and constituents.  Using these visualization techniques, we have helped clients target high value customer groups, identify operational problem areas, balance their service and distribution plans, and develop better service and go-to-market strategies.

We are able to connect most every dataset and data format to a wide variety of mapping tools, both analytical (Google Fusion) or display-oriented (Open Streetmaps, Mapbox).  Our solutions have been used for realtime data analysis, public data dissemination, interactive map-oriented feedback collection, and more.

Example 1: Visually Linking separate but logically-related datasets. The City of Boston has specific zoning requirements for AirBnB-type short-term rentals, depicted in the underlying colored map. 3Q 2017 AirBnB listings (the dots) often exist outside the areas in which they are technically allowed. This application includes “popup” details on zoning categories, zoning areas and listings, and user-accessible menu-driven filtering:

Example: Short-term Rental Map


Example 2: High Volume Realtime Data Feed mapped into a mass-market understandable format.  The Boston 311/Mayor’s Hotline database, updated regularly, includes information on ALL Boston 311 calls and online submissions to the Boston’s Citizen’s Connect App.  The Hotline is Boston’s main vehicle to collect tips and complaints on sanitation/trash, street/parking, building safety, animal control and public park issues.  The mapping application analyzes the data, separates out the various category of tips, places issue at the appropriate address and provides standard information for each submission with a click:

Example: Boston Citizen Connect


Example 3:  Data-Rich Information Store within activity zones.  Boston’s Planning and Development Agency (former the Boston Redevelopment Authority) maintains hard-to-access data stores with key information about Boston’s major development projects.  The mapping applications visually shows these projects, by size and completion stage, in the Urban Renewal Zones where alternate rules apply:

Example: Boston Redevelopment Projects