Portmeirion Ltd. was founded to help enterprises plan for sustainable growth.  Combining the many facets of strategy, from marketing (product, pricing, channels, promotions), to competitive barriers/opportunities, to value chain position and power, Portmeirion understands customer value and market dynamics.  We can help you enhance your control of these factors to create your most solid platform for growth.

Our senior staff has completed hundreds of strategy projects, from new product entry strategies, to market share retention, to customer segmentation for growth, to pricing and channel models.  Whatever your specific growth or planning need, Portmeirion can provide your organization the expert analytics to chart your best course in today’s competitive and turbulent marketplace.

Example 1:  Customer Segmentation with actionable growth implementation plan.  A large consumer-oriented technology services provider need to understand how the market and customers were changing.  Recent marketing programs, targeted at acquiring “in demo” subscribers, were not meeting growth expectations, and some anecdotal evidence was building that longstanding customers were starting to leave.  Our segmentation team analyzed customer and competitive data and devised a path for this client to restart the more impressive growth they originally enjoyed when they entered the market.

Example: Customer Segmentation


Example 2: Channel Strategy and Optimization to boost efficiency (and effectiveness) of marketing budget.  A service company was spending an increasing amount of promotional budget on a diverse pastiche of market programs, and management suspected there was a better way to get to market.  Our team analyzed the various channel paths used, and asked a number of customers which paths they preferred.  Mapping the existing paths to the emerging customer interaction preferences, we helped out client create a tighter, more efficient set of programs and helped increase marketing ROI.