Through numerous research and innovation projects, Portmeirion Ltd. has developed expertise and insights on the important issues of eldercare and aging-in-place.  From the spending habits of our senior population, to the relative economics and “customer experience” of aging-in-place versus group-living alternatives, to the actual residential preferences of seniors, we’ve explored many aspects of this critical area.  We’ve worked with dozens of public and private-sector enterprises to understand the hidden economic dynamics of most aspects related with the aging of our population.  And we’ve worked with a number of innovators looking to create smart-home-based solutions to bridge our aging “boomer” population to a better future than today’s conventional nursing-home or assisted-living migration.

Portmeirion considers Eldercare a pivotal topic for the national and world economies, and continues its own research and advocacy in the space in addition to continuing client engagements.  We have a strong perspective on which solutions work and which don’t.  Our position paper, accessible through the button below, outlines our recommendations for how private for-profit corporations, particularly those in consumer device and service businesses, can help develop a viable aging-in-place future while creating large business opportunities.

Portmeirion Eldercare Perspective